Cat and Opossum are Friends: Game Camera Captures Interesting Friendship.

By Tom Demerly for

One of our remote, night vision game cameras in our yard captured an interesting level of détente that has been going on for some time between a cat who visits our yard regularly and one of the opossums who lives in our yard.

Opossums are docile, benevolent animals especially in a suburban setting. They are well known for eating disease carrying ticks and their low body temperature means it is almost impossible for them to contract diseases like rabies or other animal-borne pathogens. Opossums help keep communities clean and disease free by eating ticks that can carry lyme disease. Having opossums in your yard means your local ecosystem is safe, clean and disease-free.

We were very excited when we found a small family of three opossums living in our yard, and have done everything we can to support them. We were also concerned that the local domestic and feral cat population, who we also support with four outdoor cat houses, might not interact well with our opossums.

Any concern about the two not getting along has been put to rest by what we’ve seen over the past few months. This video shows one of our opossums and a cat who frequents our houses eating side-by-side and getting along just fine.

The cat in this video is likely a local feral who appeared about eight weeks ago. He visits us several times a day and uses our yard as a hub for his daily patrols. As our regular feral cat, he has struck up a good friendship with our opossums.

Author Tom Demerly writes for publications around the world and really likes animals.

  1. jan jorski said:

    Hi Tom. I never heard back from you regarding a picture of my Mom and brother at the air show? Any help you can give me in obtaining that photo? Mom is now 82 and it will be a nice memory to have. Thank you, Janette Jorski 440.376.0133 is also my phone number if you would like to reach out in person.

  2. A couple of years ago I was on a house & pet sitting assignment in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and had my first experience with neighborhood opossums. The lady who owned the cats I was caring for kept a dish of dry cat food on her front step 24×7 so her cats could have a snack while they were outside. Of course other neighborhood cats visited as well and so did a pair of opossums – every single night for 5 weeks! The first time I saw them I was afraid for “my” cats but they all played nice, shared the same dish and frequently ate together!

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