Hillary Clinton: An Epilogue.

By Tom Demerly for tomdemerly.com


Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton ran a credible and just campaign. It brings to a probable conclusion a long political career that included two runs at the U.S. Presidency.

Clinton has distinguished herself as a public servant for her entire career. And while no public servant, especially at the highest levels that she rapidly rose to, is without criticism, her dedication to public service never lacked vigor, drive or tenacity.

In a divisive election played out largely on the battlefield of social media, Clinton outwardly played by the old rules. That is commendable. But the new rules are, there are no rules.

Secretary Clinton is to be best remembered by her tireless efforts to preserve diplomacy in a world that lacks civility now. When the world went low, she stayed (at least outwardly) high. Her approach to politics was dignified and poised. She should be remembered for that.

Hillary Clinton will never be gone from public service or commentary, and that is good. She is an articulate and civil voice to be heard, and she will remain relevant. She is particularly relevant contrasted against a new Presidency that has swung so far to the opposite extreme.

If you voted for Hillary Clinton, I commend you. You are as fine an American as Secretary Clinton. It is now up to her supporters to vigorously continue to work, further her worthy doctrine, and be heard.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters did not lose. Regardless of Secretary Clinton’s transgressions and errors- of which all humans are susceptible and most are guilty- much of America is better from the legacy of Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Patricia said:

    Thank you Tommy. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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