Introducing: Vice-Admiral Malcom Frederick Davis III.

By Tom Demerly.


Meet Vice-Admiral Malcom Frederick Davis III.

Call him Vice-Admiral Davis, “Sir” or, on a first-name basis, Malcom.

Vice-Admiral Davis is a survivor of Detroit’s collapse, and a product of its renewal. Local animal welfare organization Providing for Paws rescued Vice-Admiral Davis when he was only 5 months old living in the ruins of Detroit. He survived in a dangerous neighborhood filled with stray dogs. Winter was coming. He lived in abandoned houses.

Once The Vice-Admiral was rescued he established a basecamp at a volunteer rescue house for cats, dogs and raccoons. A born leader, young Malcom liaised between the animals to create a peaceful and cooperative society. He is a feline Sir Lawrence of Arabia.

For his exceptional survival skills, outstanding humanitarian efforts, valor in the face of adversity and his infectious positive outlook, then-Lieutenant Davis was advanced to the honorary rank of Vice-Admiral. He owns the name of Malcom and takes the given name Frederick from the late, great Frederick the Cat, who was also a white Prince of a cat. His Surname, “Davis”, emanates from a secret origin that cannot be disclosed, and he is the third in line of male cats, hence “III”.

Vice-Admiral Davis is, as you can see, skilled in appearing as two cats at once: a striped tiger cat and a pure white cat. This belies his background in espionage and subterfuge, tradecraft he learned well in the rough and tumble survival world of the Detroit ruins. Despite his martial skills Vice-Admiral Malcom Frederick Davis III is primarily a bon vivant and man of peace. He enjoys good food, exercise, friends and sleep. His character was forged in the cauldron of economic collapse but his intellect is sharp and his disposition as warm as a benevolent Sultan.

The Vice-Admiral has agreed to take up permanent residence at our home along with MiMi the Cat, who is 2 years and 4 months his senior.


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